Week 24: To the Gal in the Glass, I love you!

I forgave someone today. It was time. I spoke, I hugged the person and the beautiful energy flowed freely through me. I wasn’t expecting to, it just happened because it was supposed to.

I’ve spent 6 months talking to the Gal in the Glass. Becoming aware of how I respond, how I think, how I catch myself and am service to others. Re-learning how to learn.

There have been times I’ve forgotten, times I doubted or let the old Blue Print re-activate. Then I remember the Gal in the Glass has come too far and morphed into a beautiful butterfly. There’s no going back to the cocoon. I love these monarch wings of mine too much.

We’re way past the point of no return.

To the Gal in the Glass, Thank you for listening, for allowing me to change and for looking me in the eyes even at times when it was uncomfortable.

Thank you and I LOVE YOU!

See you in Kauai in May!



Week 23: Acceptance, Responsibility, Defenselessness

Today is St. Patrick’s Day. Early this morning (5:15AM) I woke up and was due in at the office to help park cars. The company I work for rents our parking lots out to parade goers.

With the addition of these nouns applying to the Laws of Least Effort I felt even more pressed to remember to keep my opinions quiet and to be GRATEFUL for my circumstances, my actions and letting go of the desire to defend myself or voice justification for how I felt.

Near the end of our parking shift I experienced  “I can be what I will to be,” I own my actions and feelings of not defending myself. A co-worker helped some people inside the building near where I was. I briefly felt left alone to park the cars on my own, when really the co-worker was upbeat and helpful to others. My twinge of anger was really just exhaustion in disguise.

I was grateful we finished the day early. I admire the co-worker for his attitude and his customer service. I can be what I will to be and I am accept my actions and choices.

Week 22a: Practicing master of my emotions

Last week I wasn’t myself for 9 days. I didn’t know how exactly to master my emotions. I was unaware how out of control with mastering them I was.

I wrote on an index card, ” If your actions are controlling your thoughts, if you act in positive ways, then you’re putting good stuff in your head.”

To catch myself I wrote, “If your thoughts are controlling your actions, then the negative things you’re thinking about is dictating what you do.”

I loved the video “The Science of Getting Rich” that Mark J. posted. I frequently remind myself, our mental tool kit is so precious, be careful how we use it for the outcomes are what our daily life becomes.

Week 22: Life-changing Silence

Thursday was my day of silence. I re-read Master Keys and found some lines that really spoke to me. At times my mind seemed to race but I never felt the urge to talk or fill the silence.

I loved the feeling that I had nowhere to go and nothing to do but just be with myself and find out what the Universal Mind was working on within me.

Shortly after I finished day of silence I took a shower. While I was in the shower the Universal Mind delivered the beautiful present to me that I am so grateful for.

I wrote myself a letter based upon the message I received and I am so grateful I quieted my mind to receive this information.

One bit of information that I can share is that 40 days (I’m on day 2) I am staying off Facebook and not reading the news.  I am already feeling more clear headed.

Week 21: Miracles are everywhere

I decided to replay the week 21 webinar today. So much that surrounds us is an illusion that exists in beautiful harmony.

This evening I’m experiencing a refreshing miracle of enjoying silence. Our dog is resting at my feet under the desk. I haven’t felt the urge to turn on music or be distracted by a movie.

Silence is keeping me focused on devoting time and peace to my thoughts and manifestations.

I am at peace, I am joy, I am 34 trillion cells in perfect harmony. I am grateful. I notice the small and large miracles around me and I audibly say thank you. I am practicing becoming a keen observer of the awesome artistic display that surrounds me.

Week 19 & 20: I have 68 summers left

My epitaph could likely be 1984—————2084. I might live to be 100 years old.

My grandmother lived to be 99 years old. I’m okay with this as long as I’m healthy and active.


I’ve heard of people drawing out boxes on a page and coloring in the boxes to reflect their current age, but no one has instructed me to write out my epitaph and count how many summer or holidays I have left.

I know how to I want to spend my days. I know what’s important to me and what I’m reaching for.

I live today if it were my last, because one day in 2084  will be my last day.

Week 18: Hero’s Journey, Bananas in my life

I was at work the other day and was focusing on the bananas in my life. I have a burning desire within me to let go of the banana and celebrate freedom and leave my old blueprint, my old life behind.

The banana in my life is choosing only coffee in the morning instead of a small breakfast. Allowing distractions on the computer to sway me from completing tasks I’ve stated “I always keep my promise” to complete. Sometimes taking a 3 hour nap instead of remembering to keep the last hour sacred and resting my body and mind at an earlier hour.

The banana means raising my level of consciousness about my mental diet= everything I say, do and think.

Letting go of the banana is remembering why I say “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy.” I am a progression of mastering these 7 qualities. 

Walking away from the trapped banana is knowing that there is something greater meant for me than just a plain banana already ripening to brown mush. The banana is trapped, I am not.

I no longer need the banana. Needing the banana was me wanting someone to need and want me. I need and want me. I am the only person with me up to the end.

Two days ago a lovely female guest stood in front of me and asked me “why I’m so happy.” I smiled and wanted to tell her every reason; instead I answered with 4 words.

“I choose to be.”